Speak Up. Stand Tall.

Elisabeth Kristof recorded

  • Use applied neurology to release neck, jaw, and shoulder tension, reduce pain, and improve posture at a subconscious level.
  • Cultivate a set of tools to undo the habits of sitting at the computer all day.
  • Release the fibers of the diaphragm, enabling greater capacity for breath.
  • Learn floor-based movements that release habitual tension held in the body, specifically at the parasympathetic nerves in the sacrum and occiput (back of the neck).
  • Reduce jaw tension to improve sleep and unconscious, stress-related neck strain.
  • Develop tools to reduce the tension that comes from speaking your truth and using your voice.
  • Learn how to train your proprioceptive system (body awareness) and vestibular system (balance system) to reduce the threat your nervous system is under on a daily basis for increased well-being.
  • Experience slow, unforced, non-invasive movements that release trauma trapped in the body and foster greater ability to read internal body cues (interoception) and connect to your body.