Energy Creation: End burnout, eliminate pain, resolve anxiety and expand your life.

Use neuroscience and neuropsychology to end burnout, overworking, pain and anxiety once and for all. Stop the cycles of exertion and exhaustion. Get rid of extreme fatigue, migraine, shutdown, brain fog and overwhelm.

Take a new approach to rewire your brain, nervous system and body to be more productive, creative, connected and inspired.

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This is NOT another mindset coaching program, group therapy or mindfulness practice.

This is a deep transformation at the level of the nervous system and the subconscious mind to resolve the driving force behind anxiety, migraine, shutdown and burnout so you can be real-deal, unleashed, powerfully FREE to build the life that you want, have a thriving career or business and show up for your family, life and SELF with true presence, creativity and joy!

Train your brain and nervous system to achieve true transformation in an area of life that is holding you back from your goals, self-expression, purpose, and freedom.

Burnout is so unfair. If you're like my high-performing, driven clients, you have worked so hard to build a beautiful life, a career or a business that you are passionate about. You do good work for causes you believe in. You show up for your loved ones. But, it seems impossible to FEEL the pleasure of all of that The numbness and the brain fog feel like a punishment. Maybe if you were just a little stronger you could figure out the solution? Maybe if you just were capable of more? The truth is burnout is a symptom of a nervous system that has been under too much stress for too long!

If you are like the people I work with every day, you are smart and your intellect has served you well all these years. You’ve even embraced meditation and therapy. You rely on your mind and intellect. But you just can't think or levitate your way out of this one. Your body is not your enemy. It is trying to keep you safe, healthy and regulated. There is no actual separation between the body and the brain. Sometimes it just feels that way because of dissociation. 

The body is the portal through which myself and my hard-driving, successful, but exhausted, clients have come back to life. There are tools available and ways to reconnect to your emotional nature, to feel alive in your skin, to experience pleasure. There is a felt sense of success that you deserve from all of your hard work. But it won’t come from thinking. And it won’t even come from doing. This one comes from being. The way to find that new sense of being is through training the nervous system and learning to process stress and emotions through the body. The Brian-Based Wellness framework does just that. Trains your brain, nervous system and body to be more resilient, to feel pleasure, to create more energy, to move out of pain and into performance and to BE different in the world.

The best part is: when we heal the nervous system, not only do we get well-being for ourselves, but we are more productive, creative and effective in our work and relationships. Life expands without sacrificing health.

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"What I have learned is that even the tiniest nugget devoted every day to taking care of your nervous system can make changes. I have seen massive differences for myself. I came in from a place where I was resorting to panic. I had ramped up my anxiety to a place where it was not sustainable. I kept telling myself I am a resilient and strong person. But I was keeping everything just below the surface and it was boiling over. I had massive pain. All that is pretty much entirely gone now.

- Dylan Siegler, New York, NY

"This program has been unlike anything I have ever done before. Before I came into the program I was experiencing so much pain on a daily basis. Doing these drills has been life-changing because I now have an ability to instantly calm my nervous system which I didn't even know was possible. It is everything as an entrepreneur. We are scaling to multiple 7-figures, and if I didn't have the tools to calm my nervous system, I would burn out and get sick."

- Jessica Rhodes, Founder, Interview Connections, Connetitcut

"Words cannot describe the value that Elisabeth brings. I have gained so much language and context for my own behavior -- and different blocks that have stopped me from growing. So much of the language around healing is so cognitive and it only goes so far if we don't take it into the body. That is the beauty of this work. It takes the cognitive and brings it into the body.

- Miriam Friedman, Education Consultant, New York

"My whole focus in starting Energy Creation was really acute, negative physical outcomes. Halfway through I had resolved my migraines, panic attacks and chronic pain and was on to thinking about my hopes and dreams, to cultivating a meditation practice. I invested the time and the money because I realized the outcomes had been keeping me from being present with my family -- the most important thing to me."

- Molly Siegler, Culinary Development Leader, Whole Foods, Austin, TX

Energy Creation is a system with replicable results!

This is not another mindset, cognitive therapy, business coaching program. This is deep change at the level of the nervous system and the subconscious mind. In six modules, free yourself from burnout, migraine, pain, anxiety and shutdown ... and never look back!


Create Safety to Wake Up with Peace and Presence

We can't heal if we are stuck in a dysregulated state of fight/flight or shutdown/freeze. We can't heal if it isn't safe to be in the body. In this module, you will learn practical, brain-based exercises to resolve stress, wake up feeling calm, reconnect to your body and create safety from inside yourself.


Vagus Nerve Training to reconnect to the body and process stress.

We can't listen to our body's signals if years of chronic stress have damaged our vagus nerve and interoceptive system. In order to process emotions and stress through the body, we have to heal this system and learn to cultivate interoceptive accuracy. This changes how we experience the world every second of the day. We are creating a new state of BEING.


Rewire limiting beliefs to stop energy leaks, set boundaries and reclaim your sovereignty.

Through the Brain-Based Rewire Protocol, you will REWIRE your beliefs at the level of the body and subconscious mind so that true behavior change is possible. It is a new way of being that allows you to reclaim your body, your energy and your healing -- when that happens, we don't need to stress eat to manage exhaustion and overwhelm anymore.


Process emotions to heal your pain, anxiety and overwhelm.

Develop a safe and fun method of emotional processing that allows you to release the anger, grief and stress internalized inside your body. True healing begins when we can come back to our body and our felt sense. This is where breakthroughs happen that will transform every relationship and area of life.


Embody abundance, release scarcity to expand your life and passion

It's one thing to say or think that you are worthy, that your desires serve the world, that you deserve time and love -- it is another to embody these beliefs and let go of the resistance held in the nervous system to that change. Learn new ways to embody abundance and create change at a physiological level that is then reflected in the external world.


Reclaim pleasure, vitality and joy

This is where the neuro drills get fun! You will use functional neurology to tap into your creative centers, reactivate your pleasure and come back to the felt sense.. Now that you no longer turn to food to meet your emotional needs, create safety or connection, you will learn how to find this in new and exciting ways.

Questions our most successful clients asked:

What if I don't have time for one more thing?

You could go ahead and keep giving to everyone else instead of yourself, but I am guessing part of you wants more than that or you wouldn't be reading this far down on this landing page. You know there is more for you. Here is my question for you: How much time is given to your migraines? How much time is spend stuck in racing thought loops and anxiety? What if you could be more present, connected and creative more of the time -- is that worth 10 minutes a day of nervous system training? How much of your life, joy, pleasure are you giving up by not making time to care for yourself?

Another virtual meeting to do weekly??? Ugh.

I know we are sick of screens. But I promise you, in Energy Creation, you will never just sit there listening to me talk. You will be doing drills, standing up, sitting down, tapping, meditating with eyes closed. It is not a lecture. The connection between EC clients is deep and lasting. Many said they feel more connected to their EC pod than most people they see in real life.

I myself work with all my teachers on Zoom because I want to work with the BEST and learn from thought leaders. Usually, they don't live where I do, and I am so grateful that we are all able to connect now in the digital world. Don't let the screen stop you from experiencing pleasure, energy and vitality!

Is this investment worth it?

I can't convince you that you are worth it if you don't believe that. But I stand in the truth that you are. You are worth this and so much more. This is no BS. This is real-deal healing. You are paying for my over 15-years of experience and research in this area, the tens of thousands of dollars I have invested in my education -- and will continue to invest, a community that really holds space for you. You will be seen, and heard, and you can do this. This is your life. You decide if it's worth it.

What if this doesn't work for me?

Then I will happily refund you -- all of your investment. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee because I believe in this work and I believe healing is possible. Is there a chance you will just rip off the material? Yep, totally. But it is more important to me that anyone who wants this feels like they can try it. If one more person gets free because this guarantee makes the investment possible, then YES!. You can absolutely have your money back if this isn't the right fit for you.

I have tried all the things - cognitive therapy, meditation, yoga, coaching - what makes this different?

You are going to go at the problem from a new angle - the body up. We will start by healing and training the nervous system to create safety and well-being. From there, change becomes possible. We will heal not in your cognitive mind, but in the subconscious. You will heal the force that propels you into work-a-holism, anxiety, exhaustion. We will create safety. Reconnect to life. From the body and nervous system to the brain.

Bonuses for Taking the Leap to Freedom.


Get free monthly membership to the Brain-Based Wellness Membership Site for daily LIVE training with Elisabeth ($115/month), PLUS Voxer Group Access with BBW facilitator for 24-hour coaching M-F, PLUS access two of Elisabeth's most popular recorded workshops.

Value = $1390


Join us Aug 2 for a LIVE, 2-hour intention setting, vision planning, kick-off party with the Rewire Community!

Value = $500


This October, we are getting the whole gang together for a powerful in-person workshop in Austin. You can join us FREE as part Energy Creation.

Value = $500

Your BIG life is waiting.

The body is our first, last and life-long relationship. Heal at the level of the body and the nervous system and all other changes become possible.

You deserve fun, pleasure, joy and peace, without sacrificing your dreams and ambitions. It is possible and it is here for you!

Apply today - Spots are Limited