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Create energy. Heal pain. Resolve anxiety.

Work out, work in and move forward in community.

Level Up with a training program that puts the brain and nervous system at the center of movement training, mindset coaching and behavior change.

If you are like many BBW clients, you are frustrated with pain, repetitive injury and health results that don’t reflect the work you put in. Or maybe you are trapped in a behavior loop, like stress eating, anxiety or shutdown. Do you try to level up your life, grow your business, move more, do more but then get held back by chronic pain, migraine or exhaustion?

Well, if so, you are not alone. At Brain-Based Wellness, so many of my clients started with these same symptoms -- frustrated because it felt like their body was holding them back from achieving their purpose, realizing their fitness goals or being fully present with the people they love.

The truth is that everything we experience in our mind, we experience in our body. We are each born with a miraculous, well-designed system inside -- the nervous system. This is the operating system. When we keep trying to resolve issues at the level of the symptom, rather than the system, we continuously get stuck in frustrating loops of pain, weakness or migraine. 

The BBW method trains the brain and nervous system to help clients:

  • become more resilient
  • achieve lasting health and behavior change
  • improve the quality of movement
  • be more connected and present
  • get out of pain and burnout
  • enjoy pleasure and fun again

At Brain-Based Wellness, we work out (movement training). We work in (applied neurology, somatic processing, body-based, trauma-informed meditation). And this enables us to move forward.

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"Brain-Based Wellness is unlike anything I have ever done before. Before I came into the program I was experiencing so much pain on a consistent basis. It has been life-changing. It has been everything to me as an entrepreneur growing my company to multiple 7-figures. If I didn't have these tools, I would burn out and get sick."

- Jessica Rhodes, Founder and CEO Interview Connections

"I log on to the site every day, sometimes twice a day. This community is the family I always wish I had had. It is a place where I belong. That is extraordinary in the digital world -- to have this kind of community and accountability."

- Malida Lowery, Professor, University of North Carolina

I love that I always feel like Elisabeth is there with me. The accountability is still there, even though it is virtual. And I love the community that has been formed, the real-time correction and accountability I have found at Brain-Based Wellness."

- Kim Storin, CMO, Austin, Texas


Brain-Based Wellness is for every BODY. Each week you can join classes LIVE or catch them the next day on demand. New classes daily, seven days a week.

  • Brain-Based Pilates for core strength, flexibility and injury prevention.
  • Neurosomatic Mat flows to process stress and emotions through the body, resolve trauma and decrease pain
  • Neurosomatic Resets and Meditations to improve nervous system health and resilience.
  • Applied Neurology Training Sessions to heal deficits in your unique nervous system. See better, balance better, move better and feel better.
  • Brain-Based Toning to move the body through all kinds of angles and ranges of motion for balanced strength, novel movement stimulus and a happy brain.
  • Cardio and Respiration Training because how we breathe is important to how we feel.
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Which of these results would transform your life the most?

"I haven't had a migraine or panic attack since I started training at Brain-Based Wellness."

- Molly Seigler (Austin, Texas)

"At 40, I'm stronger than I have ever been. I see my body changing in exciting new ways. More than that, I feel better from the inside."

- Claire Davenport (Montreal, Canada)

"I've reconnected and committed to my movement practice. I am strong in a way I've never felt before. I am more connected to my body in an intrinsic way. I look forward to moving."

- Marisol Valdez (Austin, Texas)

"My eyesight has dramatically improved since doing applied neurology with Elisabeth. I can drive at night again. I am reconnecting to my inner athlete in my 60s and finding a level of connection to my body I have never in my life."

- Susan Wombs (Austin, Texas)

Wake Up Energized, Calm, Well-Rested and Ready to MOVE.

Pain Resolution

Pain is an output of a brain and nervous system that is under too much stress. By training the input systems - like vision, balance and body awareness - the brain is under less stress on a second-by-second basis. When your brain feels safer, it creates less protective outputs -- LIKE PAIN -- and allows you to move into a performance mode, where you can be faster, stronger, more focused and connected.

Anxiety & Stress Reduction

Anxiety is a cage that keeps us trapped in loops of panic, unwanted behaviors and harmful relationship patterns. It is also a symptom of a nervous system held in a dysregulated state -- and your behavior is your brain’s best bet at getting the stimulus that it needs to self-regulate, stay safe and ensure survival. 

If you are like my clients, you’re smart and your intellect has always seen you through the tough times. Maybe you’ve even embraced meditation because your MIND can rise above all this. But no matter how hard you try, you just can’t think or levitate your way out of this one. Learn to resolve stress and process emotions through the body. Discover how to heal the nervous system to reduce anxiety, depression and burnout in a whole new way.

Athletic Performance

The body and brain can't be in protective mode and performance mode at the same time. The most effective way to increase athletic performance is to train the operating system of the body -- the nervous system.

Our brain and nervous system are always changing – that is neuroplasticity. But we have a say by the way we train and live whether or not it is changing in a positive direction. If your goal is to look your best, be strong, run fast, move with skill and agility, eliminate pain, generate power, age with grace and longevity, and in general, be the athlete of your own life, then come on! We are your crew!  

Resolve Stress.

Amplify stress relief of exercise with Brain-Based Wellness training and reconnect to your body in a new way.

End Pain and Anxiety.

Train to resolve anxiety and pain. Improve relationships. Make big differences in well-being in a few minutes a day.

Heal Faster. Age Better.

Heal faster from injury, maintain movement abilities and increase the quality of life as you age with Brain-Based Wellness training.


Questions our most successful clients asked:

What if I don’t have energy for one more thing?

I hear you! At Brain-Based Wellness we start with a minimum effective dose. The first thing you will want to do is take the FREE Applied Neurology 101 course. This short course will arm you with a morning practice that can be as quick as three minutes a day to start. Gradually, as you begin to heal, you will feel ready for more. I know it feels tough to do one more thing, but you have to take care of yourself for that to change. We can’t keep giving to everyone else without caring for our one and only precious body and our health. If you want to get out of going through life in a numbed-out, shutdown, painful state then you have to give yourself time. Start with just three minutes a day. You are worth so much more than that. 

Does this work virtually?

It sure does! Even before Covid, I worked with my own performance neuro coach and my clients via zoom because both my teachers and my clients are located all over the world. One of the most important things you will learn is how to be the expert on your own body and nervous system. I will give you the tools, and you will be empowered to assess and re-assess what works for you.  

What level are the classes?

All levels!

Every week there are two applied neurology sessions that anyone can do. There is a Brain-Based Pilates class Level 1 and 2 and a Strategic Muscle Toning class – level 1 and 2. This new content is uploaded to the on-demand library weekly so that there is always fresh material and new novel stimulus for your brain (super important for brain health). The classes are LIVE, and I stay after for 10 minutes each class to answer questions, address the need for specific modifications and coach you on your form throughout the class. I am always teaching about movement – never just working out!

BBW is for all fitness levels, all body types, and all human beings!

How much time does this take?

In just a few minutes a day, you can begin to make real changes in your nervous system and well-being. You can do hour-long classes every day, or simply focus on 15 minutes of nervous system training a couple of days a week. We will meet you where you are at and create a program that works for you.  

Will I get bored doing this online?

Hell no! We have such a fun community of growth-oriented seekers who all get together and powwow and the energy is FIRE! We have exciting workshops, guest teachers, new content all the time, rockin’ tunes, fresh moves, stimulating conversation, participation contests, deep connections and friendships, tons of support. It is a seriously special portal into a group of wonderful people. We may be a bit different but we are NEVER boring.  

What is included in two free weeks and will I be billed?

Two free weeks include LIVE ACCESS and ON-DEMAND Workouts. After the two free weeks, you will be billed monthly unless you cancel prior. You may cancel at ANYTIME HERE.  

Your free access also includes a Neurology 101 training course that will help you to understand how neurology works, how to assess and re-assess your own nervous system and give you a short morning practice that you can do daily to begin the work. Make sure to start there to learn some of the most important neuro concepts for your training program.  

Can I do this instead of medication and therapy?

BBW is not a replacement for medication or therapy. Rather, this work enhances other modes of healing and is meant to bring the body and nervous system along in the healing process.  

Are there commitments?

Nope. You can cancel at any time, including before the end of your free two weeks to avoid any billing. This platform is for people who love it and use it and allow their life to be transformed. If it doesn't work for you, then we will never hold you to a commitment.

Healing for Every BODY.

Depending on where you are in your journey, we have a membership option for you. Not only can you find whatever plan you want, but you can try the membership free for two weeks and cancel at any time if it is not the right fit for you. We only want you to stay if this work truly transforms you body, way of being and life. If it's not for you just email support@brainbased-wellness and our customer experience specialist will cancel your membership.


Work out, train your nervous system, process stress and emotions and learn powerful neurosomatic meditations all in one place, any time, anywhere. Access 100s of videos, organized by type, topic and level. New videos are added weekly to keep the content fresh, provide novel stimulus for the brain and progressive training for the body!

  • Access to On-Demand Library all the time (Updated Weekly!)
  • Weekly Brain-Based Pilates, Toning and Cardio and Respiration Training
  • One Weekly Group Neuro Training Session
  • Weekly Somatic Mat Flows and Neurosomatic Resets + Meditations

$70 56/month

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LIVE Training

Six days a week you have the opportunity to train LIVE with Elisabeth and the other growth-oriented, fun members of the BBW community. Whether it is movement training, nervous system regulation, meditation or somatic practices, there are daily options. We laugh, heal, learn and grow together. Join this amazing community LIVE today!

  • Access at all times to all items in On-Demand Member Level
  • Full Access to Elisabeth’s Live DAILY Sessions
  • Post-Session Q&As with Elisabeth and BBW Teachers


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Membership not your thing? We still got you! This work is for everyone.

Learn more about our 12-module self-study course that combines some of the most powerful neurosomatic resets, applied neurology training sessions and meditation practices so that you can create for yourself, at your own pace Freedom From Within.

  • Resolve Anxiety
  • Heal Pain
  • Alleviate Stress and Burnout
  • Move with skill and agility

$933 One Time Purchase

Functional Neurology Specialist, Somatic Practitioner, Mindset Coach

Why trust me with your nervous system and body?

I have been in the health and wellness world since 2006. For over a decade, I was an owner of and taught mindful movement practices like Pilates and toning at a fitness studio in central Austin. I had a spiritual practice, a master’s degree and, with my team, built a successful business. But I couldn’t get myself out of pain. I was disconnected from my body, trapped in unwanted behaviors like binge eating and obsessive habits like overworking and over-training.

In 2014, I became certified in applied neurology and have been in a deep dive of functional neuroscience research and learning ever since. I now know that we all do the best we can at the level of our nervous system.

Lasting change comes from putting the brain and nervous system at the center of training – whether that is for athletic performance or behavior change. Over the past seven years, I have worked with entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders and creatives to improve resilience, manage stress and regulate emotions through intentional, science-based brain training.

My research and work with hundreds of clients taught me that healing and change must occur in both the body and the mind, that each body, mind, and nervous system is unique, and most importantly, that with the right tools, we are all capable of healing.

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