This week on Trauma Rewired, we welcome back Matt Bush of Next Level Neuro to explore the physiology of stress and the transformative power of Neuro-Somatic Intelligence.

We know that connection is crucial to our survival as humans, but for those with complex trauma, even the healthiest relationships can trigger a stress response and lead to maladaptive behaviors. This episode provides a comprehensive look at how stress impacts our relationships and physical health, and highlights the importance of consistent nervous system training to rewire the brain’s response to stress and build resilience.

The conversion starts by examining what happens in the brain when a stress response is activated, and how developmental trauma shapes our nervous system and subconscious reactions as adults.

Matt breaks down complex neurological processes, covering the role of the HPA axis, immune dysregulation and increased inflammation. Jennifer also introduces a new concept, called “shameflammation,” as we delve into the connection between chronic stress and disease in the body.

Listen to this episode to learn more about stress response in relationships and how you can retrain it through NSI!

Topics discussed in this episode:  
Understanding the HPA axis and stress response
How developmental trauma shapes our stress response
General adaptation response and the impact of stress on the body
Shame and the inflammatory response
The neurological response to stress
The connection between social threat, inflammation and stress response
Neuro-Somatic Intelligence as a tool for change

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