Jealousy REWIRED

+ Create healthier relationships and regulate emotions
+ Connect to your own desires and needs
+ Experience more joy and connection
+ Learn to use jealousy as an indicator to return to self-awareness and self-care


End Self-Sabotage

– Learn an easy-to-implement cognitive framework that allows you to stop the thinking that leads to self-sabotage once and for all.
– Develop practical neural exercises that make it possible to stop cycles of restriction and self-punishment that lead to a total F-it crash.
– Practice a powerful EFT technique to stop the panic that keeps you from implementing new habits.
– Learn tools for self-regulation so that your body and nervous system can be on board with the changes you are creating in your life and health.


Own Your Pleasure

Applied Neurology + Intuitive Movement to explore pleasure for healing.


The Power of Breath: Respiration Training, Somatic Release, Emotional Renewal

This workshop is centered on gentle movement and powerful breathing techniques to expand lungs, release the body and heal the psyche. Quality respiration is vital for a healthy immune system and to decrease stress held in the body. Deep breathing exercises improve your immunity by lowering blood pressure, clearing out mucus and debris from the respiratory tract and lowering cortisol in the body. Like any other system, respiration can be trained intentionally to improve breathing ability, which decreases nervous system threat and creates resilience.


Embodied Revolution

Change and uncertainty are threatening to your brain. We are wired to use pattern recognition and prediction for survival. Yet the world right now demands change and an ability to pivot quickly. We strive to adapt and therefore change our behavior, mindset, and emotional response, but it can be overwhelming and frustrating.