The Power of Breath: Respiration Training, Somatic Release, Emotional Renewal

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This workshop is centered on gentle movement and powerful breathing techniques to expand lungs, release the body and heal the psyche.

Whether this change is desired or unwanted, there is always grief in letting go that needs to be processed through the body to move forward. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lungs are the seat of grief. By focusing on respiration we will create a practice of releasing that greif from the body and clearing the mind.

Additionally, quality respiration is vital for a healthy immune system and to decrease stress held in the body. Deep breathing exercises improve your immunity by lowering blood pressure, clearing out mucus and debris from the respiratory tract and lowering cortisol in the body. Like any other system, respiration can be trained intentionally to improve breathing ability, which decreases nervous system threat and creates resilience.

Strengthening the lungs by practicing breath techniques helps to release feelings of grief and sorrow and moves stagnant energy and emotions through the body. Diaphragmatic breathing with mindfulness stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system, which creates feelings of calm and relaxation.

In this workshop you will:

  • Learn powerful applied neurology drills to activate the diaphragm and vagus nerve to make deep breathing easier, more efficient, and fluid.
  • Train your brain to move out of upper chest breathing, which signals a threat to your brain.
  • Detoxify the lungs and improve immunity.
  • Release fibers of the diaphragm for greater depth of breath.
  • Stimulate the parasympathetic system to move out of fight and flight
  • Develop practical daily tools to reduce anxiety, racing thoughts, and muscle tension.
  • Experience a gentle somatic movement series to mobilize your ribs, thoracic spine, and trunk to release grief and tension from the body.
  • Learn how to access movement and exercise to determine if it is improving the health of your nervous system.
  • Breathe from a deeper place inside of your body that connects you to a felt sense of safety and well-being.
  • Improve the quality of meditation through respiratory competency.
  • Do a powerful neurosomatic mediation that helps to cultivate interoception, the ability to read the signals your body is sending you, to be grounded in a strong sense of self.
  • Practice grief meditation for surrender and release in a safe community experience.
  • Create space to honor the natural cycles of life, death, and change.
  • Leave with a sense of peace and renewal.
  • Receive a copy of the workshop that you can access at anytime

Elisabeth, founder of Brain-Based Wellness, is a PMA certified Pilates teacher and Z-health applied neurology practitioner, who has been in the movement industry since 2007. After being a director of a Pilates studio in central Austin and a national Pilates teacher training program for over a decade, she transitioned her focus to the neurology of athletic performance, behavior change, and resilience. Working with thousands of bodies, she learned that each body, mind, and nervous system is unique, capable of healing, and can be trained to resolve trauma and old patterns.

Anna received her 200hr and 500 hr yoga teacher training from Tias Little at Prajna Yoga with whom she studied therapeutic yoga with a focus on anatomy and physiology, yogic wisdom and Zen meditation.  Within her training at Prajna she also received her certification in SATYA, a floor-based somatic movement practice focused on releasing the parasympathetic nervous system and unwinding habitual tension held in the body.

Additionally, Anna was a licensed massage therapist for 10 years.  Her education in anatomy and myofascial release, most specifically Anatomy Trains with Tom Meyers, have greatly impacted her knowledge and practice as a teacher. Anna’s classes are inspired by her daily journey through the rhythms of life and living in the human body, with the goal of becoming more mindful, grounded, and aware of the inner workings of the body.