REWIRE: Food Freedom

Elisabeth Kristof

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End binge eating and self-sabotage. Make peace with your body. Get free from obsession. Never diet again. Reach your ideal weight. Expand your life.

Use neuroscience and neuropsychology to end stress and emotional eating, ONCE AND FOR ALL. No more shame. No more food hangover. No more energy leaks. No more yo-yo dieting. It’s time to be free of all that!

Heal your relationship with food and your body, and watch with joy as your relationships, career and passions transform and expand as a result.


This is NOT another diet, mindset coaching program, intuitive or mindful eating plan or “lifestyle change” (aka diet dressed up in a stylish macros-micros/food-point-counting/keto outfit).

This is a deep transformation at the level of the nervous system and the subconscious mind to resolve the driving force behind stress and emotional eating so you can be real-deal, unleashed, powerfully FREE to eat what you want, love your body, never spend another minute spinning out on food or weight and, oh by the way, as a byproduct transform every other relationship and facet of your life.