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Elisabeth Kristof

Myths that Make Us

Listen to Elisabeth explain applied neurology and somatics, as well as share her own healing journey with Erick Godsey on the Myths that Make Us Podcast. In this episode, Elisabeth and Erick discuss nervous system regulation for behavior change and trauma resolution, the power of movement and how healing your wounds leads to the way to purpose and service.

Illuminated with Jennifer Wallace

Elisabeth Kristof, the founder of Brain Based Wellness, joins host Jennifer Wallace to unpack the neurology behind disordered eating, scarcity mindset, diet culture, and more. She is an expert in using applied neurology to resolve old patterns, improve performance, and increase well-being.

Big Energy

Elisabeth Kristof, functional neurology expert and founder of Brain-Based Wellness, is in the house to talk with Kassi about why regulating our nervous system is a game-changer, how to know if your nervous system is unbalanced (and why), and what to do about it all, from the comfort of your own living room! This episode also covers ways to deal with binge eating, heal trauma, and ease anxiety, plus tips to increase pleasure (and orgasms, obviously). Enjoy the show, and be sure to share with your people!

Break Down. Wake Up.

Meg Mateer from the BREAK DOWN. WAKE UP. sits down with Elisabeth and explores how the tendency to attach our personal value to our businesses or professions can push us to overwork ourselves, the body's incredible creative ways to bring itself back into a state of balance and safety, and how trauma works itself both through the body and through our relationships.

The Beautifully Balanced Podcast

We all have behaviours and habits we love and that serve us well and then there are other behaviours we may wish to change (but really struggle to do so)!

Join Sam in this open and highly informative science-based conversation with applied neurology expert, Elisabeth Kristof.  

In this episode, you are guaranteed to deepen your understanding of the impact the nervous system plays in forming habits and how to help resolve old patterns and increase well-being. 

Wellness By Design

Did you know that you can use your body to help your brain for better thinking, more resilience, and better sleep? Join me and my guest, Elisabeth Kristof to learn more about a holistic practice that combines applied neuroscience with strategic, high-energy workouts to achieve deep and lasting wellbeing.

We Get it Your Dad Died

What if the things you feel most shame about have nothing to do with who you are as a person? This episode offers the most powerful gift of all; freedom from shame and self loathing.

In this finale episode of Season 2, we break from the norm. This conversation doesn’t feature a death, but is one of the most profound and valuable conversations I’ve ever had.

We went deep into topics like codependency, binge eating, self harm and boundaries. Elisabeth Kristof shares incredible wisdom that will make you rethink everything you thought you knew about trauma, grief and those negative habits that seem to keep playing out in your life, no matter how much you try to change. When you look at your “toxic traits” through the lens of a dysregulated nervous system, you are suddenly free to drop the self judgement and shame and create a new possibility. Elisabeth also offers actionable tips to get regulated and start healing right away.

No matter who you are or what you’ve done, this episode will bring you peace.

Practically Well

The state of our nervous systems at any given moment can determine so much of how we feel, act, think, behave, and heal in day to day life. When we develop awareness for when our nervous systems are both in and out of balance and how to regulate them, anything is possible! 

In today's wellness chat, we dive into all of this and more with expert guest Elisabeth Kristof!
She eloquently explains her own journey to this work, how the nervous system works, what it looks like in and out of balance, and exercises we can implement starting today to benefit our health!

World Of Wellness

What an episode!! In Episode #43 of the World of Wellness Podcast, we'll talk about stress, emotional eating, and how to work with the nervous system to self regulate and create more health in our life!

Oh, My Health...There Is Hope!

“Everybody does the best they can at the level of their nervous system, so it’s completely possible to do better just by training your nervous system.”
This 30-minute episode is on:
1) Starting over can be your phoenix in your journey
2) What is your nervous system telling your body and response
3) Your nervous system is a very important part of your operating system
4) Your brain I wired first for survival
5) Are you using your nervous system as a bucket?

The Genetic Genius

On this week's episode of the Genetic Genius Podcast, Elisabeth Kristof discusses how to reduce stress and retrain the nervous system using applied neurology techniques.
Here are some of the brain stimulating topics we discuss on the show:
1. First let's talk about stress. I think most people are aware of what stress is but how it impacts the nervous system specifically and what are some of the symptoms someone might be experiencing even if subconsciously.
2. What does it mean to train the nervous system and how can it reduce stress?
3. When we train the nervous system is it a technique that needs to be done daily or does it have long lasting effects?
4. Does trauma impact the way the nervous system functions? And what type of trauma specifically? Emotional? Physical? Spiritual?
5. What is trauma resolution and how do you use it with clients to provide stress relief and brain healing?
6. How do you combine movement and applied neurology to focus on brain-based healing?
7. Let’s talk about stress and eating since it’s January and many people are focusing on their health and the 2022 reset. How does stress affect our eating habits, binging and malnutrition?
8. How are patterns created in the cellular memory and brain patterns?
9. How does somatic movement help to open the heart and release old thoughts and beliefs around food and eating?
10. What are your top three favorite tips for re-patterning or reprogramming eating habits?

Mind // Body Mentor

Join somatic breathwork practioner Steven Jaggers and Elisabeth as they talk about nervous system regulation, breathwork, pain reduction and emotional processing. Explore the role of nervous system regulation in somatic work and the healing arts.

Paige Talks Wellness

Elisabeth and Paige talk wellness and how training the nevous system plays a key role in self-care, behavior change, well-being and stress management.

Whole Hearted Eating

On today’s episode we’re digging into how to use brain-based wellness to re-train the nervous system to heal stress eating and disordered eating! We’re also discussing how stress eating comes directly from the nervous system, and how retraining your brain and central nervous system can help us get to the root to heal stress eating, emotional eating, and disordered eating. We’re also chatting about what happens to the nervous system and our stress response with dieting and food restriction, and how this all relates to overwork and burnout.

The Upleveled Entreprenuer

Join Andrea and Elisabeth Kristof as they talk about applied neurology. She shares that our nervous system can be managed to become healthier and function better. Is it possible to change unwanted behaviors? How can you train your nervous system to be more resilient? Stay tuned!
Here are the things to expect in this episode:
• Training our nervous system helps us manage the stress in our lives.
• We tend to resort to certain behaviors to cope with being distressed.
• What can we do to regulate our nervous system to have that capacity to uplevel?
• The importance of identifying what stimulates our nervous system.
• And many more!

Strive for Great Health

Dr. Harris is joined by Elisabeth Kristof of Brain Based Wellness, an applied neurology practice in Austin, Texas. Her practice is a comprehensive method that puts the brain and nervous system at the center of movement training, behavior change practice, and mindset coaching for improved health, resilience, and athletic performance.In this episode, we talk about her wellness journey, how she became an applied neurology practitioner, and some simple movements for you to do at home that improves your brain health.

The Ritual and Routine Podcast

Elisabeth Kristof of Brain Based Wellness and I have a conversation around binging as a coping behavior, how a nervous system dysregulated by trauma creates disease, and actionable steps and tools to re-wire our nervous system for self sourced safety and regulation. The amount of "aha" moments and life changing tools Elisabeth provides in this podcast is truly mind blowing. Is applied neurology the missing piece to re-wiring our nervous systems to be self sourcing in safety and connection? YOU BETCHA. 

Thrive and Shine Wellness

Learn how training your nervous system can lead you to thrive and shine.

Think Unbroken

In this episode, I talk about Brain-Based Wellness with Elisabeth Kristof. Understanding the Central Nervous System (CNS) is everything in the trauma healing and CPTSD recovery journey because it is the autonomic system that governs our body and our behaviors. Trauma often forces our body and mind to create survival mechanisms to both cope and facilitate trauma experiences in a way that serve us during times of uncertainty, but what happens when those mechanisms no longer work and we find ourselves in a constant state of Fight, Flight, Freeze, or Fawn? We have the ability to “re-wire” our brain and our body to step deeper into our healing journey and move away from the impact of our child abuse and traumatic experiences.

The Market Your Genius Podcast

#MindsetOverMatter Have you been finding yourself stressing over every little detail? Is this stress impacting your business and personal relationships? Well, we’ve got you covered. Join Nikki as she chats with Elisabeth Kristof, founder of Brain-Based Wellness, and expert in using applied neurology to move people out of pain, unwanted behaviour and stress response. Elisabeth helps us learn how we can manage stress and regulate emotions.

Not So Stoopid Podcast

Your body is constantly trying to speak to you - are you listening? Do you know how to listen? The pain you feel, unwanted behavior patterns, trauma responses, inflammation, are all different ways your body is trying to communicate with you to let you know something just isn't right. And if you ignore it - it'll only get louder until you can't go on any longer. Elisabeth Kristof is an expert in using applied neurology to help people listen to their body, move out of pain, unwanted behavior, trauma response, and stress. Today she shares how you can do just that with you!

Chronically Living

This week my guest is, Elisabeth,  the founder of Brain-Based Wellness. We talk about the importance of functional neurology when it comes to health, mental health and overall wellness.

Shock Your Potential

“All of our behaviors and outputs are really just our brains best way to try to get us to change our behavior to keep us safe.” ~ Elisabeth Kristof Did you realize that your body is constantly speaking to you? Or do you sometimes ignore that small pain, that twitch, or ache because you think it isn’t important? Our guest today reminds us that if we ignore what are body is telling us, what it needs to tell us, then it will just send the message louder and louder until you can’t ignore it any longer. In this episode we learn Elisabeth’s story and her own journey toward healing. She helps us understand that if we are in protective mode, we can’t be in performance mode and that our bodies can be trained to re-regulate our nervous system.

St. Louis Pain Expert

Dr. Dave talks with Elisabeth about you can train your brain to overcome chronic pain and anxiety.

Kore Woman

One woman's journey into applied neurology, how she helps people "move out of pain," and what she offers through her incredible business "Brain-Based Wellness"

This Podcast Burns Fat!

When it comes to weightloss our digestive system isn't the only system in town. We usually don't even think the nervous system can play a role. Come to find out the nervous system plays a major role in how we manage our weight.

Health and Habits

Habits & Health episode 25 with Elisabeth Kristof who has a holistic practice that combines applied neuroscience with strategic, high-energy workouts to achieve deep and lasting wellbeing which she calls Brain-based wellness.

The Overcoming Odds Podcast

What are the signs of burnout at work? How do you fix burnout? What are the warning signs of burnout? Tune in, as Elisabeth and Oleg, explore what happens if you ignore burnout, what burnout feels like, and ways to fully recover from burnout.

Thrive and Shine

Elisabeth Kristof is an expert in using applied neurology to move people out of pain, unwanted behavior and stress response. She is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, an online platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance and increase well-being.

The Tea Please

I reached my peak stress level and completely burnt myself out earlier this year so I was drawn to Elisabeth's work which helps people regulate their Central Nervous Systems and actually prevent burnout. I knew I didn't handle my stress in the best way and was looking for how I could keep myself from shutting down if I'm starting to feel burnout coming. Elisabeth is the owner of Brain-Based Wellness and teaches us quick exercises we can do in stressful situations to self-regulate and how self-regulation of our Central Nervous Systems can help manage long-term stress and burnout cycles.

Breathing Room

Today we dicuss a centeral theme of 2020 - breathing. Learn some simple tools to help improve respiration by focusing on the brain and nervous system. .

Within Us

We're digging deep into neurology and learning some components of behavior change to help reduce how we respond to threat. Pain is just one output of a nervous system that is under threat. It is possible to train the nervous system to move out of certain threat responding behaviors with somatic processing.

Tak to Tatiana

Join us to discuss business, burnout, applied neruology and somatics. How can we learn from our bodies to the life we desire.

Unstoppable With Ralph Graves Jr.

Have you ever thought of using neurology to help you get out of pain, stop unwanted behavior, and lessen stress? Today’s guest, Elisabeth Kristof, an expert in applied neurology, is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, a platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance, and increase well-being. Elisabeth works with people to improve resilience, manage stress, and regulate emotions through intentional, science-based brain training.

Rank and File

How to manage stress, anxiety, depression and overwhelm using applied neurology as female, purpose driven entreprenuers. We also explore why ervous system regulation is important in the fight for social justice.

Illuminated with Jennifer Wallace

Elisabeth Kristof, founder of Brain Based Wellness joins me again this week as we dive into attachment theory and share stories of our own relationships that highlight the research. We will be exploring the three attachment styles - anxious, dismissive, and fearful and how these relate to our dating styles and relationships with friends and the people that we care about.

Illuminated with Jennifer Wallace

Stress Explained. Elisabeth Kristof, Founder of Brain Based Wellness and Co-Host of Illuminated, is back this week to discuss with me the dangers of stress and how it can ultimately lead to chronic illness and disease in the body. We constantly hear how dangerous stress is but what does that even mean. In today’s episode, we unpack that and learn how we can take back our lives and move into a balanced, regulated nervous system and most importantly, stay away from disease in the body.

Ellis In Wonderland

Kick the new year off right with innovative ways to reduce stress through neurology training, meditation, breath work, physical movement and more! Elisabeth Kristof, founder of Brain-Based Wellness, is a certified Pilates teacher and a Z-health applied neurology practitioner who has been developing this integrated platform since 2007. Using these brain-based wellness practices, Elisabeth’s clients have been able to combat anxiety and depression, heal from physical injury and stave off stress.

Power to Grow

Elisabeth Kristof knew she was out of touch with her body and mind and to overcome this, used her experience in neurology and body based healing to help overcome her traumas. Through her work with hundreds of clients, she became an expert in using neurology to move people out of pain and unwanted behavior./p>

Tell Me Everything

Ever feel you like logically know and deeply understand what you need to do to change, but every time you implement new habits something just doesn't stick? You fall back into your old patterns, or self sabotage before you reach your goals? Yeah, you're not crazy and you're definitely not alone. It's backed by science. Our BRAINS HATE CHANGE. It runs on familiar patters and programming that keep us safe and therefore unless the threats of change are reduced at physiological level, change is almost impossible. To heal the mind, we must first heal the body and my friend, the brilliant queen of Brain-Based Wellness herself, Elisabeth Kristof, is on the show to tell us all about it.

Frenzied To Financial Freedom

Kick the new year off right with innovative ways to reduce stress through neurology training, meditation, breath work, physical movement and more! Elisabeth Kristof, founder of Brain-Based Wellness, is a certified Pilates teacher and a Z-health applied neurology practitioner who has been developing this integrated platform since 2007. Using these brain-based wellness practices, Elisabeth’s clients have been able to combat anxiety and depression, heal from physical injury and stave off stress.

Proving it Plant-Based

In this episode, I sit down and talk with Elisabeth Kristof, brain based wellness expert on how she healed herself and her clients from trauma, disordered eating, and the tools she uses on a daily basis to tap into her own wellness practice. She uses applied neurology, a method that puts the brain and nervous system at the center of your health. Elisabeth shares with us her own experience when it comes to using food as a comfort and coping mechanism, and how she is dealt with patterns and triggers when it comes to this behavior. We talk about the impact that stress can have on the body and how it effects our brain and overall wellbeing. Change takes time, but using applied neurology, we can rewire our brains and unwanted behaviors.