“The mental health system’s adherence to the medical model not only neglects the complex interplay of genetic, developmental and environmental factors, but also serves to stigmatize and marginalize those who suffer.”  

In the premiere episode of Season 4, we dive deep into the challenges and impacts of mental and physical health diagnoses from a Neuro-Somatic Intelligence (NSI) perspective. We share our personal journeys, battling with insomnia, anxiety, depression, gut dysfunction, breast cancer, and more, to highlight the importance of community support, validation, and autonomy during treatment.  

Throughout the episode, we advocate for a deeper understanding and compassion towards individual sensory systems and neurodivergence, stressing the need to reduce shame and stigma.

We introduce the upcoming episodes of the season, teeming with guests who will explore structural forces, therapy decolonization, healing, and identity.  We share our profound discoveries from diving into complex trauma and nervous system health, promising to tackle crucial topics like depression, anxiety, ADHD, and the intersection of mind and body in the episodes to come.  

Topics discussed in this episode :  
Mental and physical health diagnoses and the impact a diagnosis has
Understanding individual sensory systems and neurodivergence
Depression, anxiety, ADHD, chronic fatigue, and burnout
Structural forces, therapy decolonization, healing, and identity
Examining trauma’s impact on the nervous system
Critique of current mental health model and systemic biases
Link between chronic stress and disease
Correlation between developmental trauma and coping mechanisms like addiction
Terminology changes, dropping “disorder,” and understanding neurology of identity and beliefs Importance of nervous system health and regulation  

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