In this episode of Trauma Rewired, we are joined by Matt Bush as we unpack anxiety. The conversation starts with an exploration of how neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD and autism impact executive functioning, sensory processing, and create hypersensitivities that lead to emotional overwhelm. We highlight the importance of self-assessment and retraining of sensory systems to better manage these challenges.

Elisabeth further connects developmental and complex trauma to nervous system responses, noting how trauma shapes our interpretation of signals and can keep individuals in a constant state of fight, flight, or freeze. Jennifer emphasizes the crucial aspect of self-awareness and deep self-knowledge in managing anxiety, advocating for practices that foster body awareness, emotional expression, and self-regulation.

Anxiety is not just a mental disorder but a physiological response emanating from sensory mismatches and respiratory inefficiencies. Chronic hyperventilation, for example, sends constant threat signals to the brain, keeping the nervous system on high alert. Through regular neuro training and specific breathing exercises, individuals can better regulate their nervous systems and reduce anxiety. 

Let’s reframe anxious thoughts and use cognitive tools to consider positive outcomes, thereby preventing the negative spiral of anxiety and trauma. Discuss the tangible benefits of applying neuro-somatic principles to everyday life. Explore sensory mismatches, emphasizing the need to address deficits in visual, vestibular, somatosensory, and interoceptive systems to alleviate anxiety. We advocate for ongoing self-assessment and retraining as ways to establish a new baseline of wellness. 

Topics discussed in this episode:
Impact of Neurodivergence Trauma and Nervous System Responses
Self-Assessment and Sensory Retraining
Role of Chronic Hyperventilation
Anxiety as a Physiological State
Cognitive Reframing of Anxiety
Female-Specific Anxieties
Sensory Mismatch and Anxiety  

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