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Elisabeth Kristof

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Our most five popular, most viewed, most requested Brain-Based Pilates Level 1 Classes. BB Pilates combines functional neurology exercises that train your nervous system to increase strength, resilience and athletic performance with movement education, core strengthening exercises and respiration training.

“These classes are my favorite Pilates classes I’ve ever taken. Through Elisabeth knowledge and teaching skill, I feel like I really have an understanding of biomechanics and now know how to move in a way that protects my body and retrains my brain.”

– Julie, Brain-Based Wellness Member

“My body feels amazing after taking Brain-Based Pilates classes with Elisabeth. It is like a big exhale through my whole system. The combo of somatic exercises, neuro-drills and pilates exercises is kind of magic. My body has seriously never felt this good.”

– Hannah, Brain-Based Wellness Member

Movement is essential to brain health. Our motor cortex lives right next to our frontal lobe. Areas of the brain that are next to each other affect one another. When we move we send fuel and activation to both the motor cotex and frontal love. That means that regular, intentional and novel movement not only helps us feel good with endorphens, but it also improves cognition, creativity and inhibition of our old brain responses like emotional reactivity and threat response.

Moving in novel, complex, non-linear ways also increases the health of our cerebellum, which is responsible for our accuracy, balance and coordination of movement and our brianstem which controls our posture and affects our autonomic systems.

Each BB Pilates class is build on sequencing that intentionally trains the nervous system to perform better, to process stress and emotions through the body and to teach how to modify and adjust exercises and neurodrills for your unique body and system.

Elisabeth has been a certified Pilates teacher and movement practitioner since 2007 and an applied neurologist since 2015. Her years of experience working with hundereds of body types allows her to create creative, intellegent classes that will help you and feel your best. These classes increase strength and range of motion and improve the longevity of movement abilities. Most of all they are fun, fluid and effective.

In this course you will get:

  • The MOST POPULAR, top 5 Brain-Based Pilates classes that you can re-watch as many times as you like, for as long as you like.
  • BONUS: Two Applied Neurology Sessions
  • BONUS: Recorded Neurosomatic Meditation for well-being, interoceptve training and cultivation of the felt sense of saftey inside your body