Regulation and Resilience

Elisabeth Kristof

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A new kind of R&R that creates alignment in a destabilizing world

On the day of the Spring Equinox join us for a new kind of R&R, one that fits the needs of the post-COVID world. The equinox is a day of balance between light and dark, perfect equality between day and night. As we approach the anniversary of quarantine, many of us acutely feel the dark we faced in our own night of the soul during the shutdown, the loss of safety and identity in this new changing world. But also, more than ever, as we reach this important milestone, we feel the desire to connect, to live open-heartedly, creatively, and with purpose. How do we balance all we have been through, the grief and loss, the shadows of ourselves we have felt and seen, with the need to move forward in courage, connection and joy? How do we honor the dark AND bring forth the light? 

Join Melanie Weller, vagus nerve expert, and Elisabeth Kristof, neuro performance specialist, in a two-hour workshop that will teach participants somatic and cognitive practices to be open and protected at the same time, to be grounded and ethereal, to process and still feel safe, in their body, heart and mind. 

We will focus on the thoracic cavity – the heart space, the home of the diaphragm, the part of the spine that curls forward under threat, the shield of your inner warrior and place in the body where many vagus nerve connections occur. 

In this workshop, we will:

  • Learn narrative techniques to process experiences without creating the harmful physiological reactions of shut down, anxiety or unwanted behaviors.
  • Decompress the Vagus Nerve (your resilience nerve) to improve conductivity and upregulate the parasympathetic system, increase body sensation, make deep personal connection possible and improve autonomic processes like respiration, digestion and heart rate variability. 
  • Practice a series of functional neurology motor control exercises for the thoracic cavity to improve body mapping of this area to create more strength and stability coupled with flexibility and sensation. 
  • Experience a powerful visualization to regulate the nervous system and improve the electromagnetic flow of the heart.
  • Strengthen connection to the diaphragm for improved respiration that will calm the nervous system out of fight and flight into a calm and respond state.
  • Be guided in how to process grief, loss and lessons of the past without shut down, emotional reactivity, or depletion. 
  • Cultivate a felt sense of safety and grounding in the body that allows for open-hearted living without excessive self-sacrifice or threat response. 

“Your future is behind you, propelling you forward. Your past is in front of you waiting for you to make peace with it and clear your way.”  – South American Proverb

The tightness, pain, and immobility in our thoracic cavity is resistance to our future, which propels us forward into our higher purpose. In community, we will move through that stagnation, with safety and support.

We will collectively find our heart-center, where the knowledge, from above us, the wisdom from below, the magic of our future, and our deepest truth, come together.

Join us, March 20th, 2 to 4 PM CST for Regulation & Resilience – A journey through the thoracic cavity to find heart-center. 

Melanie Weller is a Medical Visionary with a paradigm-shifting process to access genius, health, and flow in your body and business using the vagus nerve as a portal. Melanie brings over 25 years of experience to her leading-edge systems where she leverages vagus nerve principles for visionary development, performance enhancement, and fine-tuning genius. Melanie is a Physical Therapist, Board-Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, Certified Athletic Trainer, and Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults.

Elisabeth Kristof is an expert in using applied neurology to move people out of pain, unwanted behavior and stress response. She is the founder of Brain-Based Wellness, a revolutionary online platform that trains the nervous system and body to resolve old patterns, improve performance and increase well-being. Elisabeth is a certified applied neurology practitioner who has been in the fitness and movement industry since 2007. She works with entrepreneurs, athletes, leaders and creatives to improve resilience, manage stress and regulate emotions through intentional, science-based brain training. Her research and work with hundreds of clients taught her that healing and change must occur in both the body and the mind, that each body, mind, and nervous system is unique, and most importantly, that with the right tools, we are all capable of healing.