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Listen to Elisabeth on the Illuminated Podcast to learn more about how applied neurology can resolve disordered eating and reframe food ideas to see binging as an output of a nervous system under too much threat.

Do you ever wonder how much more you would be and do if you didn’t have to stress about food and weight? Do you find yourself thinking: “Why, with all the important things going on in the world and MY life, is this what I find myself worrying so much about?”

Or maybe you’re not even hoping for freedom yet, maybe you are still trying to control – with Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, don’t eat after 7, eat only cabbage soup every day, eat in a three-hour window, eat upside down and underwater and never eat anything you love, be mindful, put your fork down between each bite, workout for five hours a day, run a marathon… something like that?

Do you fear that if you stopped obsessing you would just end up embracing obesity, sitting on your couch, never moving and talking yourself into loving an overweight, unhealthy, dimmed down version of life? [great]

It doesn’t have to be that way. Health and freedom co-exist. Stress eating is an output of your nervous system. Your weight is a reflection of your subconscious identity. Diets do not work – even when you change the word diet to “lifestyle.” Deprivation does not work. You have messed up your brain with years of deprivation. It is not your fault. Society taught you this, and now your nervous system feels unhappy and unsafe, and it is thwarting your efforts to continue to deprive it. It will always win. Survival trumps performance ALWAYS. 

Neuroplasticity however means we can change that. You can re-wire. You have big, miraculous things to do with your life and your time. Let’s be done with this. Let’s move beyond it together. 

Food Freedom is a 6-month course that will strategically teach you how to rewire your nervous system, change your habits, and reprogram your subconscious mind to end overeating and weight obsession. It’s a commitment. It requires work. Change is hard, but I am ready and here for you if you are ready to make the commitment and do the work.