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Executive Leadership, Your Nervous System and Success

 “…whether you have a big organization or not, I think everybody should think of themselves as a Leader, and I think empowering yourself with these <NSI> tools is a way to have an impact no matter where you are or what you’re doing.”

“…being an entrepreneur is traumatic, leading people, and I don’t mean Trauma in a dramatic way or a bad way, but it’s intense. It will show you all the things about yourself that are weaknesses or that you’re insecure about all time. And it’s been interesting to become a student of leadership and management… Basically in all the leadership books I read all the what not to-dos. Once you have this NSI background, and this neuro somatic knowledge, you can see so clearly how every single one of those “not to-dos” is dysregulation. 

– Margy Feldhuhn, CEO Of Interview Connections and Certified NeuroSomatic Intelligence Practitioner 

Have you ever been micromanaged by your boss? Or maybe you’ve caught yourself micromanaging an employee. 

Have you felt threatened by a talented employee or co-worker? Perhaps you felt like your work performance was threatening to your boss? 

Challenges like these in your work life are related to your nervous system. That’s right, Pod-Fam, your nervous system affects every single part of your life- including entrepreneurship and work. 

On this episode Margy Feldhuhn, CEO and NSI graduate, joins us to discuss executive leadership and nervous system health. 

Margy’s story will inspire you. And she’s passionate about showing other people what’s possible no matter where you’re starting.

Her journey started with mental health challenges like anxiety, depression as well as eating disorders and drug use. Her healing began with EMDR, Buddhism and personal growth studies. That led to nervous system regulation training with Elisabeth. 

Now Margy, at 34 years young, is a thriving CEO of a multiple 7 figure business, is in a healthy marriage and embodies NeuroSomatic Intelligence tools in her daily life.

As the Executive Leader of her business, Margy brought nervous system regulation tools to her Team and it’s been a game-changer for her business and employees.

Imagine how your work life could be transformed if you and your colleagues had NSI language and tools. The shift in the energy and culture of the work environment would be incredible if Leaders were trauma-informed through NSI. And business would thrive.

Must hear highlights:

  • Margy’s journey to embodiment of NeuroSomatic Intelligence tools and how it’s brought her out of dissociation and up leveled her life
  • Elisabeth shares her insights about how her nervous system dysregulation has impacted her journey of entrepreneurship 
  • Jennifer talks about how being an entrepreneur brings up your limiting beliefs and protective outputs
  • Margy shares the inside scoop of how she brings NSI tools to her Team
  • How Leaders can support their employees when they are trauma-informed and how that can change the culture and success of the organization
  • Margy shares how she uses NSI tools help her process the grief of her father suddenly passing and it’s changed through the years
  • Elisabeth talks about how she supports and encourages clients to process their grief and anger in Minimum Effective Doses
  • Jennifer teaches about the high stakes connection of our work life to our survival brain
Episode 52

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