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Reflections on the Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Certification

Episode 47

The premise is that everything starts and ends with your nervous system, so no matter where you are implementing this type of work, it will be impactful. Neuro-Somatic Intelligence can help people feel safer in their bodies, whether they have big T or small T trauma, everyone can benefit greatly from this work.

Hello Pod-Fam! We’re sitting down with the three incredible educators of NeuroSomatic Intelligence Certification this week. Elisabeth Kristof, Melanie Weller and Matt Bush have created the only course that teaches about the whole nervous system (not just the ever popular vagus nerve) and marries somatics, applied neurology and psycho-emotional regulation. 

This three- tiered approach teaches how to resolve trauma, integrate the brain and body as well as restore presence to coaches, entrepreneurs, therapists and practitioners.

After the first two sessions in 2022, they realized they have created an emerging and exciting profession with NSI Certification.

Each of the Expert Educators agree that one of their favorite parts of teaching NSI is working with the diversity of students and discovering the wide spectrum of applications for this work. 

Yet it’s what they learned from the teaching NSI that makes this episode really fun and fascinating. Their commitment and passion to healing the world through nervous system awareness and regulation is palpable throughout this episode! 

Listen to remarkable stories and insights from:
Elisabeth Kristof, NSI Certification Founder
Melanie Weller, Co-Educator and Vagus Nerve Expert
Matt Busy, Co-Educator and Next Level Neuro Founder and

Jennifer Wallace, NSI Graduate, Trauma Rewired Founder and Co-Host 

  • Elisabeth shares her excitement about how quickly students experienced positive outputs and results even early in the course
  • Matt shares the importance of learning when NOT to use NSI tools and the importance of minimum effective doses of tool 
  • Elisabeth shares how her personal story of complex trauma led to the creation of this impactful certification
  • Melanie shares her hope and excitement for the social justice applications of NSI tools
  • Jennifer discusses how important it is that NSI Certification teaches the whole nervous system, not just the vagus nerve
  • Hear Matt’s passion as he talks about the successes of the first year of NSI Certification 
  • Melanie expresses the joy she feels about sharing her secrets of how to care for our bodies 

Neuro-Somatic Intelligence Coaching equips you with the evidence-based, effective tools and the neuro-knowledge you need to move beyond the analytical to a body-based, trauma-informed practice — a practice that will produce radically different client outcomes.

Episode 47

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