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Have you tried to change your behavior with cognitive therapy, meditation, habit change, or practice, but it gets so uncomfortable and hard, you give up or self-sabotage? Does it feel like you pendulum swing from higher-self to animal brain?

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10-Module Self-Study course to Rewire Your Nervous System

Do you try to level up your life and get held back by old thought loops, or maybe even physical responses, like brain fog, fatigue, migraine, or pain? Does it sometimes feel when you are trying to change your behavior – get more sleep, eat healthily, exercise that your body is working against you? 

Your body is not the enemy. It is actually just trying to keep you safe. When our stress level is too high because of chronic stress, overtraining, unresolved trauma or unhealed deficits in the nervous system, our brain doesn’t feel safe. Our old brain moves us out of performance mode into protective mode. Pain, shut-down, unwanted behaviors like binge eating and excessive drinking are all outputs of a brain trying to get us to change our behavior, regulate our nervous system and stay safe.


Everything we experience in our cognitive mind we also experience in our body and nervous system. Each of us has a unique pattern of neural connections called our neuromatrix. This web of neural connections is changing all the time. Our brains and nervous systems are malleable and respond to the stimulus we put in. We can choose to intentionally train our nervous system in a positive direction and move back into performance mode, where we can be present, connected, calm and resilient.


Each nerve cell, neuron, maintains a chemical history of the events it has dealt with. Each cell has around 5000 spines that allow it to connect with other neurons, so each one is a web of feedback. Your experiences form connections between individual neurons. This is your unique neuromatrix and it will govern how you will respond to stressors. Do you respond to conflict with anxiety, anger or emotional reactivity? Do you freezing or shutting down when there are hard decisions? Do you experience exaggerated abandonment fears when you feel ignored?

Survival strategies get imprinted into the brain and nervous system creating connections that are hypersensitized. The more you experience it, the more automatic this reaction becomes unless you consciously learn another way. Whatever we do we get better at, so that reaction and output become a more efficient pathway for the brain to go to overtime.

But it doesn’t have to stay this way! In each tiny speck of brain tissue there are 350 million neural connections. When it comes to the number of connections possible between different neurons there are more combinations than positively charged particles in the universe. These connections are in a state of constant change. How you respond is not who you are – it is just what your brain has learned through your life experience. But change is possible. Through training and new stimulation, there is infinite potential for new reactions.
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Training Details

  • 10 Self-Paced Modules with lifetime access

  • Downloadable Neurosomatic and Subconsious Reprogramming meditations

  • A series of educational videos that teach you to be the expert of your own nervous syetm

  • 10 powerful neurosomatic reset sessions to heal the nervous system and process emotions and stress through the body

  • A practical and effective protocol for embodying new beliefs that make true change possible

  • 10 Applied Neurology Training sessions to heal your unique nervous system deficits, train for resilienced and performance

  • A strategic approach to creating saftey in the body, moving out of old survival responses and thought patters, tools for self-regulation and new ways of emotional processing