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Trailer: Relationships and Your Nervous System

Season 3 Trailer

“It’s going to be a fun season with a lot of meaty subject matter to explore. As always we’ll be going into the science, but we’ll also be sharing our personal experience and the experiences of our clients and community. Hopefully, we’re really creating a space to start to have a conversation about creating optimal relationships for our nervous system and our body, not just in romantic relationships, but through all areas of our life. And even in a really broad social construct, how can we as a collective, as a society, start to create healthier spaces for relationships that move us all forward in the direction of nervous system health, growth and resilience.” 

-Elisabeth Kristof, Trauma Rewired Podcast Co-Host; Founder of NeuroSomatic Intelligence Coaching Certification and Brain-Based Wellness 

Welcome to Season 3! It’s so good to be back with a new and fascinating season of Trauma Rewired! 

Season 2 offered a wealth of information on the individual nervous system. That laid the groundwork for the theme of Season 3-  attachment and relationships. We’ll be exploring the theory that complex trauma, or cPTSD, is an attachment wound. It’s going to be so good, ya’ll! 

This season we’ll also be exploring the concept that there is no singular nervous system. We are all connected at a physiological level. We develop, adapt and exist together. Our nervous systems are always speaking, vibes, adapting to one another all of the time.

Deep in our core, we are social relational Beings. The human brain evolved to function within a matrix of other brains. So we’ll be having conversations this season that discuss the impact of attachment on our nervous systems in early childhood and also how our nervous system exists in relationship to the people in our life now. We’ll zoom out and also unpack the impact that attachment has on a larger scale in our communities and society. 

What to expect in S3:

  • Physiology of our nervous system and how we’re all connected
  • Unpacking attachment in all forms of relationship- intimate, familial, work/client
  • Conversations about how attachment schemas are neurotags that are changing all time depending on the stimulus it’s given
  • How to make real change in the nervous system using NSI tools 
  • The powerful healing role that Presence plays in our nervous systems, lives and communities 
  • The serious health impacts of attachment schemas on our immune system, internal states, disease states and communities
  • We’re also having discussions that break down codependency, narcissism, empathy, misattunement and community 

Upcoming Guests include old favorites and new voices:

  • Matt Bush will be teaching about complex trauma as an attachment wound, empathy and narcissism 
  • Dr. Jolie Hamiliton will talk about the internal relationships we have with ourselves and the nervous system is relationship
  • Melanie Weller discusses our relationship to divinity and the cosmos and how our vagus nerve impacts our social connections
  • NSI practitioners will be sharing how they use NSI tools in this relationship framework in their unique and amazing work
  • TONI JONES- our favorite affirmational musician kicks off the season 

Welcome to the Season 3 vortex!

Season 3 Trailer

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