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Visibility, Leadership and Podcasting

Episode 53

“Fear of success is really worth noting because there are entrepreneurs that want to get visible and want to get out there and want to be more successful. Then you are more visible, the stakes get higher. … I think the real truth is, and you know I say this as an entrepreneur, but entrepreneurs are often dysregulated af, right? 

There is a lot that goes into entrepreneurship. It’s one- wonderful. I couldn’t do anything else. It’s what I love to do. And there’s so much that you have to take on. You’re responsible for all of your own financial security and safety. You have to manage a team. You have to be visible. … I see a lot of entrepreneurs that get sick, because they don’t have the nervous system regulation tools and they don’t have the emotional regulation tools like Jennifer was talking about, the healthy releasing of emotions that needs to happen also with all of these highly charged events and they either get sick or they find themselves in a lot of really destructive, avoidance or numbing behaviors to relieve that stress.” 

– Elisabeth Kristof, Co-Host and Founder of NeuroSomatic Intelligence Certification and Brain-Based Wellness 

Entrepreneurs, are you seeing yourself in this quote? Are you living with the triggers and fears of rejection, abandonment, saying the wrong thing, success and failure? Are you experiencing protective outputs like pain, migraines, binge eating and/or chronic fatigue?

We see you. We feel you. We are you. 

And we’re here to help you learn nervous system regulation tools to support you to break through the threshold of your visibility so you can grow your business in a regulated, grounded way. 

Jess Rhodes, Founder of Interview Connections, joins us this week to discuss Entrepreneurship, Visibility and Your Nervous System. Jess works with Margy Feldhuhn who joined us on last week’s episode. They both weave NeuroSomatic Intelligence tools into their business as well as their personal lives in truly inspiring ways.

Insightful and Inspiring Highlights you want to hear:

  • Connection between the need for social connection and fear of being ostracized for your unique business or coaching voice/style 
  • Jess discusses the fear of success as your business expands
  • We talk about the critical role of grief and anger processing as an entrepreneur 
  • Fascinating metaphor with canoes and ships 
  • Jess shares her favorite mantra that she learned from Elisabeth
  • Co-regulating with your clients and/or audience 
  • How nervous system regulation gives a different perspective on negative feedback and social media comments
  • Jess discusses the fear of investing in marketing your business
  • The repelling energy of neediness and how regulation can shift you into the energy of service
  • Jess shares how sales calls are really an opportunity to tap into your intuition
  • Jennifer talks about the connection of trauma bonds to clients and how learning to regulate our nervous system can attract the most aligned clients
  • We discuss boundaries in business and how they are connected to visibility
  • Jess shares how the language of nervous system regulation helps her to communicate better with her Team and her husband

“Something that I’ve wanted to talk about publicly so much is sales and the nervous system. … Learning how to regulate my nervous system and being really intentional about regulating my nervous system before a sales consultation call has been incredible.” – Jess Rhodes 

If you are an entrepreneur, whether it’s for your own small business, a podcast, coaching business, therapy practice or leading a big organization, then the latest episode of Trauma Rewired is a must listen for you.

Episode 53

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