The Neuroscience of Safety

Elisabeth Kristof

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In this two hour virtual workshop you will:

  • Build a foundation of safety from the body to the brain that allows for more growth, connection and presence 
  • Understand how to work with your nervous system to create a more present and grounded life
  • Learn how the safety brain affects health and how stress is the root cause of most mental, physical and emotional disorder
  • Understand what is actually happening in the brain and nervous system when we don’t feel safe
  • Come away with real time, hands on, practical tools for self-regulation 
  • Experience a deeper understanding of what drives our behavior and experiences — as well as learn how to create positive change in the nervous system for NEW behaviors and experiences
  • Start to become the expert of your own nervous system. Find your unique deficits and learn to restore those areas within yourself.
  • Cultivate a process for understanding and self-assessing how things are positively or negatively impacting your nervous system
  • Work with the body as an instrument for creating a felt sense calm and safety