Total Rewire: Private Brain-Based Coaching

Elisabeth Kristof

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Total Rewire is a six-month private training course that will bust you through to the next level of being. Through the use of applied neurology to train your vision, balance and body mapping, we will reduce the overall threat to the nervous system so that change is possible! On top of that we will work through subconscious reprogramming and neuropsychology to change your beliefs and identity and creating a new foundation for behavior.

Whether you want to heal relationships, increase well-being, move out of old patterns, level up your business, improve athletic performance, end unwanted behaviors, or expand your life to step into your potential – this program gives you the tools, support and community to make that possible.

The foundation of all lived experiences is in the nervous system. They say time heals all wounds, but that’s not how it really works. Our behavior patterns, trauma loops, injuries — they don’t live in the thinking, time-oriented part of the brain. The nervous system knows no time, it just reacts to keep you safe. A felt sense of safety, tools for regulation, training for resilience at the level of the nervous system and body is the basis of intentional, directed change — of healing. 

Are you ready to:

  • Move out of scarcity mindset?
  • Heal pain, tension and stress in your body?
  • Strategically train your nervous system for more resilience?
  • Be visible, chase your desires, use your voice without your body and nervous system holding you back?
  • Deconstruct limiting believes and create a new possiblity?
  • Cultivating curiosity and compassion — about and for everything, especially our own beliefs and behaviors?
  • Reconnecting to your bodies, to others, to the earth?
  • Be stronger, more flexible and decrease injury?
  • Create energy for your passion, pleasure and purpose?
  • Heal your relationship with food?
  • Resolve patterns of self-sabatoge?
  • Decrease anxiety, shut-down and fatigue?

That is all possibe by putting the brain and the nervous system at the center of your training, cultivating a practice that heals daily and becoming part of a community of growth-oriented seekers.

Total Rewire Includes:

  • 1 to 2 private sessions monthly with Elisabeth
  • Voxer Access to Elisabeth M-F for support
  • One-a-month Rewire workshop with amazing coaches and applied neurology lessons
  • Brain-Based Meditations for behavior change and subconsious reprogramming
  • Access to LIVE workouts, neuro-training sessions and community events daily on the Brain-Based Wellness site.
  • Bonus workshop recordings
  • Strategically organized training plan customized for your unique nervous system