Food Freedom: End binge eating, love your body, expand your life.

Use neuroscience and neuropsychology to end stress and emotional eating, ONCE AND FOR ALL. No more shame. No more food hangover. No more energy leaks. No more yo-yo dieting. It's time to be free of all that!

Heal your relationship with food and your body, and watch with joy as your relationships, career and passions transform and expand as a result.

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This is NOT another diet, mindset coaching program, intuitive or mindful eating plan or "lifestyle change" (aka diet dressed up in a stylish macros-micros/food-point-counting/keto outfit).

This is a deep transformation at the level of the nervous system and the subconscious mind to resolve the driving force behind stess and emotional eating so you can be real-deal, unleashed, powerfully FREE to eat what you want, love your body, never spend another minute spinning out on food or weight and, oh by the way, as a byproduct transform every other relationship and facet of your life.

Do you ever wonder how much more you would be and do if you didn’t have to stress about food and weight? Do you find yourself thinking: “Why, with all the important things going on in the world and MY life, is this what I find myself worrying so much about?"

Or maybe you’re not even hoping for freedom yet, maybe you are still trying to control – with Keto, Paleo, Whole 30, don’t eat after 7, eat only cabbage soup every day, eat in a three-hour window, eat upside down and underwater and never eat anything you love, be mindful, put your fork down between each bite, workout for five hours a day, run a marathon… something like that?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Health and freedom co-exist. Stress eating is an output of your nervous system. Your weight is a reflection of your subconscious identity. Diets do not work – even when you change the word diet to “lifestyle.” Deprivation does not work. It messes up the brain. Now, your nervous system feels unhappy and unsafe, and it is thwarting your efforts to continue to deprive it. It will always win. Survival trumps performance ALWAYS. 

Neuroplasticity however means we can change that. You can rewire. You have big, miraculous things to do with your life and your time. Let’s be done with this. Let’s move beyond it together. 

Food Freedom is a 6-month course that will strategically teach you how to rewire your nervous system, change your habits, and reprogram your subconscious mind to end stress and emotional eating, weight obsession and body shame.

"This practice of Food Freedom gives you the power to recognize your own ability to change. It is a part-time job to count your calories or your macros and micros. I have found it much more beneficial to take that time and apply it to real healing, to resolving the obsession and the behavior at the root."

- Malinda Lowery, Professor, Atlanta, GA

"Even just a few minutes a day of neuro drills has been transformative. It is insane how in real time you can experience a change in your body by doing something so incredibly simple and fast."

- Alison Rae, 33, Austin, TX

"I've done traditional talk therapy and it was really hard for me because it didn't really change the behavior. It didn't resolve these beliefs I held that drove the behavior. This work is really digging deeper to heal those old wounds. When the old patterns come up in my life, I have tools to change. It is just so different from any work I have done before."

- Keri Cortez, Austin, TX

"The combination of practical neuro drill to reduce stress and the deep inner healing made this program really work for me where everything else had failed.

Because of the comprehensive nature of this program, the outcome was better than what I ever could have hoped for. The time I put in not only resolved food issues but made me more productive in my business."

- Claire Davenport, Architect, Monreal, Canada


Heal Your Nervous System

Stress eating is a tool our brain uses to re-regulate our nervous system when we are under too much stress for too long.

The behavior is just a symptom. If we want to change, we have to address the opporating system - the nervous system.

Nobody stands in the pantry eating a fistfull of cerial, baking chips, almonds and sugar because it brings them true pleasure. This is not about will power. Your higher mind doesn't want this.

This behavior is your body and nervous system getting the stimulation it needs to keep you safe and regulated.

In Food Freedom, you will develop 100s of neural exercises that you will use to self-regulate and to heal deficits in your nervous system that are causing disregulation in the first place.

This makes change possible.

Process Your Emotions

Emotional Eating is called that for a reason. If you are like many of Food Freedom clients, food is where you go to safley experience good emotions - like pleasure and connection, or shove down the "bad" ones -- like grief and anger.

Many people don't feel safe being in our body, feeling our feelings, expressing ourselves.

Years - maybe a lifetime - of emotional supression and diet culture can erode our trust in ourselves and our connection to our body.

If you relate to this, then you probably also need more than just information that processing emotions is important. You need tools to make it feel safe in your nervous system and body to do that. You need a process to follow. A path back to full experession. This is what you will find in Food Freedom.

Rewire Your Subconsious Mind

"Love your body. Let go of diet culture. Live in the present." Easier said then done, right?

We are born inside of a system built to disconnect us from our bodies and teach us we are not enough.

Core wounds, attachment styles, body supremecy are all deeply embedded into the subconsious mind and you can't just change this in the cognative mind.

In Food Freedom, you will learn a unique process for erradicting the limiting beleifs and resolving the old wounds that keep you trapped in cycles of dieting and bingining, in an abusive relationship with your body and in a world that doesn't reflect your true desires.

Build a community of inspiring, growth oriented seekers to join you on the path.

We are social animals, built for connection. We don't heal alone. We heal collectively, through relationship and interaction.

Food Freedom is a safe, supportive, inclusive container to grow, explore and heal together.

Though we meet virtually and in a Voxer thread, participants form lasting friendships, learn from and inspire one another daily and most importantly, remove the shame, isolation and loniliness from disordered eating. When we heal together we heal the whole!

Which of these results inspires you the most?

Food Freedom changed my relationship with myself, my body, my family, my past and my future! Not only did I stop turning to my pantry in times of stress, the neuro drills and belief rewiring practice set me free to make changes in all areas of my life."

- Celcily McKinley, 63, Dripping Springs TX

"I actualized my badass-ness. Food Freedom gave me a path out of negative loops. I stopped taking on other people's stuff. I am not overwhelmed by my life. I have peace with my body. I am powerful."

- Mary Lamoreaux, 42, Austin, TX

"I have worked with many spiritual coaches, business coaches, nutritionists and healers. The work in Food Freedom is the deepest, most life-changing work I have ever done. Food was my portal to the most profound transformation of my life."

- Jennifer Wallace, 43, Austin, Texas

Food Freedom is a system with replicable results!

This is not another diet plan, intuitive eating course, nutrition coaching or therapy. This is deep change at the level of the nervous system and the subconscious mind. In six modules, free your self from food obsession, love your body, create energy and passion ... and never look back!


Create Saftey to Wake Up with Peace and Presence

We can't heal if we are stuck in a dysregulated state of fight/flight or shutdown in freeze. We can't heal if it isn't safe to be in the body. In this module, you will learn practical, brain-based exercises to resolve stress, wake up feeling calm, reconnect to your body and create safety from inside yourself.


Interoceptive training to end emotional eating and make intuitive eating possible.

Years of diet culture, unresolved trauma, and stress keep us from being able to read our internal signals or eat intuitively. Through healing the vagus nerve and interoceptive system, you'll be able to end emotional eating and eat in a healthy way that reflects your body's true needs.


Rewire limiting beliefs to stop energy leaks, set boundaries and reclaim your sovereignty.

Through the Brain-Based Rewire Protocol, you will REWIRE your beliefs at the level of the body and subconscious mind so that true behavior change is possible. It is a new way of being that allows you to reclaim your body, your energy and your healing -- when that happens, we don't need to stress eat to manage exhaustion and overwhelm anymore.


Process emotions to heal your body and relationship with food.

Develop a safe and fun method of emotional processing that allows you to release the anger, grief and stress internalized inside your body. True healing begins when we can come back to our body and our felt sense. This is where breakthroughs happen that will transform every relationship and area of life.


Embody abundance, release scarcity to expand your life and passion

It's one thing to say or think that you are worthy, that your desires serve the world, that you deserve time and love -- it is another to embody these beliefs and let go of the resistance we hold in our nervous system to that change. How we are anywhere - like with food, is how we are everywhere. When we use food as a portal it will lead us to the wounds that need to be healed to expand our relationships, self-expression, passion and LIFE!


Reclaim pleasure, vitality and joy

This is where the neuro drills get fun! You will use functional neurology to tap into your creative centers, reactivate your pleasure and come back to the felt sense.. Now that you no longer turn to food to meet your emotional needs, create safety or connection, you will learn how to find this in new and exciting ways.

Questions our most successful clients asked:

What if I don't have time for one more thing?

You could go ahead and keep giving to everyone else instead of yourself, but I am guessing part of you wants more than that or you wouldn't be reading this far down on this landing page. You know there is more for you. How much time do you spend obsessing about food? Your body? How many moments have already been robbed from you by that terrible feeling of discomfort in your own skin and racing thoughts about your body and weight? How much time has this already cost you?

Another virtual meeting to do weekly??? Ug.

I know we are sick of screens. But I promise you, in Food Freedom you will never just sit there listening to me talk. You will be doing drills, standing up, sitting down, tapping, meditating with eyes closed. It is not a lecture. The connection between FF clients is deep and lasting. Many said they feel more connected to their FF pod than most people they see in real life.

I myself work with all my teachers on Zoom because I want to work with the BEST and learn from thought leaders. Usually, they don't live where I do, and I am so grateful that we are all able to connect now in the digital world. Don't let the screen stop you from a life of FREEDOM!

Is this investment worth it?

I can't convince you that you are worth it if you don't believe that. But I stand in the truth that you are. You are worth this and so much more. This is no BS. This is real-deal healing. You are paying for my over 15-years of experience and research in this area, the tens of thousands of dollars I have invested in my education -- and will continue to invest, a community that really holds space for you. You will be seen, and heard, and you can do this. This is your life. You decide if it's worth it.

What if this doesn't work for me?

Then I will happily refund you -- all of your investment. There is a 90-day money-back guarantee because I believe in this work and I believe healing is possible. IS there a chance you will just rip off the material? Yep, totally. But it is more important to me that anyone who wants this feel like they can try it. If one more person gets free because this guarantee makes the investment possible, then hell yeah. You can absolutely have your money back if this isn't the right fit for you.

I have tried all the things - diet, nutritionist, trainer, 12-step, therapy, WW - why will this be different?

You are going to go at the problem from a new angle - the body up. We will start by healing and training the nervous system to create safety and well-being. From there, change becomes possible. We will heal not in your cognitive mind, but in the subconscious. I could careless if you are vegan, keto, paleo or what your BMI is. My intention is to heal the force that propels you into the pantry, or to pull over into the gas station, or to eat secretly, or to berate your body, every morning upon awakening as a part of life. That is where we are going. It gets bumpy. And messy. But it is real and lasting.

Bonuses for Taking the Leap to Freedom.


Get free monthly membership to the Brain-Based Wellness Membership Site for daily LIVE training with Elisabeth ($115/month), PLUS Voxer Group Access with BBW facilitator for 24-hour coaching M-F, PLUS access to of Elisabeth's most popular recorded workshops.

Value = $1390


Join us Aug 3 for a LIVE, 2-hour intension setting, vision planning, kick-off party with the Rewire Community!

Value = $500


This October, we are getting the whole gang together for a powerful in-person workshop in Austin. You can join us FREE as part Food Freedom.

Value = $500


The body is our first, last and life-long relationship. Heal at the level of the body and the nervous system and all other changes become possible.

The places in our life where our dysregulation appears - in binge eating, emotional eating and cravings - can be our portals to a deep level of healing that will help you learn to regulate your nervous system, change your subconscious mind and TRANSFORM your life.

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