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Trauma Rewired, the Healing Vortex

Episode 54

“This season is a journey for people. We’ve laid it out in an easy way that it is digestible and that people can find themselves in. Not only just for your own awareness, but so that you can understand that there’s a new journey ahead of you that involves compassion, healing and forgiveness. We are showing you what it can be like, what you can come through, either by our own examples or the clients.” 

– Jennifer Wallace, Co-Host, NeuroSomatic Psychedelic Integration Guide and NSI Certified Coach

Have you been in the Trauma Rewired vortex with us during Season 2? 

This Season we put complex trauma under the microscope through the lens of NSI. This put us in the vortex of the topic we were researching and recording on each week. For example, Jennifer was experiencing big Perfectionism the week we recorded that episode. Thankfully, we have nervous system regulation tools or we never would have made it! 

We started hearing that many of you were in that vortex with us. If you experienced that, please reach out and share! 

On this week’s episode, we’re wrapping up Season 2 of the podcast, sharing our insights and takeaways as well as sharing what you’ll hear in Season 3. 

Elisabeth shares, “One biggest things that I learned, or that was highlighted for me through this season was… a much deeper understanding of dissociation and how damaging it is to our developmental brain and nervous system, And how incredibly critical it is to start to address that in healing and to find ways to make presence safe and possible at the level of the survival brain and the nervous system.”

Must hear insights include:

  • How Elisabeth’s deeper understanding of dissociation has changed one of her daily regulating practices
  • Jennifer’s new pleasure practice and how she’s weaving in NSI tools
  • How we’ve grown professionally and personally through these often vulnerable episodes
  • Why the Emotional Expression episodes are Elisabeth’s faves
  • Jennifer shares her experience and feelings about opening the conversation of her role in Psychedelic Therapies with plant medicines 

A sneak peek into Season 3:

  • Matt Bush will be back to talk about what happens in our nervous system when we use psychedelic plant medicine
  • Melanie Weller will be back to discuss the importance of preparing your nervous system for plant medicine and working with clients who have suicidal ideation post plant medicine ceremony 
  • Psychedelic Scientist Manesh Girn will talk about the default mode network under plant medicine experiences
  • How so much of feeling like an Empath can be hypervigilance of being overly attuned to other people’s nervous systems because we had to do that in order to survive

During this break we’ll be starting a new cohort of NeuroSomatic Intelligence Certification and we’re excited to see what interviews will come out of that diverse group of practitioners. 

We’ll be re-releasing episodes and mash-ups, so keep listening! If you’ve been with us for a while we encourage you to listen again. You’ll be listening with different ears and nervous system so you’ll digest the information in a new way. 

In the meantime, a great way to stay connected with us is to join the Brain-Based Wellness membership. You can get two free weeks HERE. Start developing your own neuro-somatic toolbox and stay connected to a community of people who are working to heal, grow and expand the capacity of their nervous system.

Thank you all so much for such an incredible season, for all of your kind words and the reviews that you’ve left us. Thank you for reaching out to us on our social media and for being a part of this community. We are so deeply grateful.

Episode 54

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