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Food and Nervous System Regulation

Episode 50

What if your stress eating, binges and caffeine or sugar habits are what’s keeping your nervous system and body feeling safe in the world? What if these behaviors have been your nervous system’s way to protect you?

What if the guilt and shame of stress and binge eating could be lifted by understanding that these behaviors are protective outputs of your nervous system?

What if you’re not failing, but instead succeeding at surviving complex trauma in a dysregulated diet culture focused world?

In this bonus episode, we’re talking about the health of our relationships with food and our body, and how nervous system regulation is a path to trauma healing.

Jennifer heartfully shares what a relief it was to learn that food is a beautiful way that our bodies regulate an active nervous system. Learning this from Elisabeth in the first episode of this podcast (originally called Illuminated with Jennifer Wallace) allowed compassion and unloaded shame and guilt from Jennifer. 

Elisabeth explains that relief from that shame is so important because that really drives the cycle of dysregulation. It keeps you stuck, because you engage in the output. You’re doing the best that you can to give your body and nervous system the regulation it needs. Then the behavior of binge or stress eating, or other disordered eating, there’s so much shame that follows that behavior. 

Diet-culture society, inner-critic and perfectionism drive the shame deeper which dysregulates us even more and sends us into a Freeze state. Then we seek activating foods like sugar and caffeine to come out of the Immobilized Freeze dissociated state. Which creates even more shame. It’s this really vicious loop. 

If you have complex trauma and can relate to this cycle of shame, then we created this episode to give you hope through Neuro-Somatic Intelligence tools and the Brain-based Wellness Food Freedom program.

We also discuss:

  • How food soothes the celiac plexus, vagus nerve and brain
  • How eating behaviors affect the Interoceptive system 
  • Limiting and subconscious beliefs are connected to disordered eating as well as inflammation and immune system
  • Our personal stories of disordered eating and how we found freedom
  • How complex trauma affects your ability to eat intuitively 
  • How to move out of experiencing all of your emotions through food and instead create safety in your body and within community to fully self express
  • Pressures women feel to use food as an expression of love for others
  • The importance of training your Visual system with NSI tools 
  • Experiencing food pleasure and food freedom

If you’re resonating with this episode, the Food Freedom program may be a good fit to help you regulate your nervous system, process emotions, rewire limited beliefs and create new social patterns to heal disordered eating. This program will impact change in your life within a supportive, caring community.

Episode 50

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